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November 14th, 2017

November 12, 2017, USAChina Investments Group (USCI) hosted China SME US-China Dual Listing and IPO Conference in Shenzhen. More than 100 entrepreneurs and executives from Chinese companies attended this event.


USAChina Investments Group Shenyang Road Show
January 21st, 2017

USAChina Investments Group SME IPO Program Road Show is hosted in Hunnan Software Park. The road show is organized by Northeast Division of USAChina Investments Group, supported by Liaoning Province Department of Finance and Hunnan District Department of Finance. NEEQ listed companies, innovative viagra pas cher high-tech companies and fund investment companies from Shenyang attended the meeting and had a heated discussion on IPO in America.

CEO of USAChina Investments Group, MichaelGordon, China General Manager, Steve Shen, Senior Vice President, James Ma answered many questions from the audience regarding how to IPO in America and introduced a new model in partnership with funds so that enterprises do not need to pay related fees in advance to join the program. 

Shenyang Permanent Magnet Motor Manufacturing Co, Ltd, Liaoyang Liaodong Fine Chemical and Huludao Logistics signed agreements at the event. 

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USAChina Investments Group
December 20th, 2016

December 20, 2016, USAChina Investments Group released White Paper, State of Financing for China SME 2016, summarizing the changes and developments of the most common ways to finance China Small-and-Medium-Size enterprises (SME) and predicting the trends in the future, including bank loans, private loans, trust financing, venture capital, private equity and initial public offering. White Paper indicates bank loans are the main channel of financing for Chinese enterprises, however, SME loans constitute still small part of commercial bank lending. Poor access to bank loans is a critical constraint for the growth of SMEs in China. To supplement the limitations of bank lending for SMEs, the diversification of financing avenues, to provide more flexibility and innovation, is crucial. 

USAChina Investments Group is dedicated to helping China SMEs obtain growth capital. It suggests SMEs with high growth potential consider directly listing Chinese entity on oversea stock exchange to raise capital while maintaining its ability to list and trade in China simultaneously.

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USAChina Investments Group
June 07th, 2016

In the midst of graduation season, many young Chinese adults studying abroad in America are forced to start thinking about their future career and life planning, whether they should go back to their home country or look for a job in America, how to secure a job in America, how to solve the visa issue and how to overcome or circumvent the H1B lottery problem.

Chinese students' visa problem has drawn the attention from many American companies that welcome and support foreign employees. USAChina Investments Group assists Chinese companies to expand to and grow their trade and investments in America and American companies in China. In serving its clients, the company needs a large number of Chinese-English bilingual talents who understand the business cultures of both countries and empathizes hardworking Chinese graduates who can't achieve their "American Dreams" through their diligence of their own will. Therefore, USAChina Investments Group, together with its Chinese partners and client companies, tailored a career development plan for Chiense students and young professionals. One of the world's largest law firms designed the timing and location of employment to seamlessly integrate L-1 and EB-1 permanent resident visa applications into the program, which permanently solve participants' visa issues, enabling them to work and live freely in China and America.

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USAChina Investments Group
March 01st, 2016

While institutional investors are familiar with the markets for broadly syndicated large corporate loans and high-yield bonds, the opportunity to invest in U.S. middle market corporate loans is less well-known. One of the characteristics of the loan market since the credit crisis in 2008 has been a dearth of senior loan capital available to middle market companies. Historically, these companies have not had the access to the broader debt capital markets afforded to larger, more liquid borrowers, and are generally too small to be financed by public loan mutual funds or institutional loan investors. At a moment when interest rates remain low and public equity and credit securities seem fully valued, the investment opportunities in middle market loans look very compelling. Middle market companies are seeking more loans to finance growth as the economy expands. This means that it is possible for an established, experienced lender to construct a high-quality loan portfolio, producing a potentially attractive risk-adjusted return.

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China Business News Website
November 23rd, 2015

In this story, Michael Gordon shared his unique experience in participating in Sino-US CEO roundtable during President Xi’s visit. Michael Gordon was quoted in the story how USCI saw prosperous cooperation between the two countries as the number one initiative that would strengthen their coexistence. He also shed light on the major opportunities and challenges Chinese SMEs face when they start to expand overseas. Regarding the privatisation of China concept stock, Michael elaborated on the different advantages on China and US capital market. In his viewpoint, the basic problem Chinese companies meet is not the cost for listing but the knowledge of choosing the right place for listing in order to fully utilise the resources and advantages of the local capital market. 

Michael also shared the latest investment opportunity in the US which is artificial intelligence(AI). AI can be connected with all industries and change the production modes of them."AI is an exciting project and it will also make people frightened. This change is happening in the US and it's booming in China as well." said Michael. At last,Michael also talks about the concept change of management when Chinese enterprises try to enter the US market. “On one hand, you need to understand how your products can fit the US market and then build its brand and start marketing in order to convey the right message to American consumers; on the other hand, in the US market, people will look for experts and professionals when there’re problems while relations stand more important in China. Thus, you need to adapt to this system when you’d like to expand your business here.” said Michael.

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[SME IPO Special Report]:It's spring to invest in US
USAChina Investments Group News
November 23rd, 2015

Now it's the spring for Chinese SMEs to invest in the US. According to Ernest & Young's report "Outlook for China's outward foreign direct investment 2015", thanks to the accelerated economic transformation and the stimulating measures to speed up the economic reform, China’s outward FDI is expected to grow more than 10% per year for the next five years.

As the main investment destination for China, America has boasted unprecedented opportunities. As President Xi's has greatly pushed forward Sino-US relations in trade and investment, the two governments have achieved concrete progress in economic cooperation and protecting commercial interests of private sector. All these have built a fantastic investment environment for Chinese SMEs to develop in the US.

"We have 28 million+ SME’s, and China counts approximately 45 million+ SME’s.  So there’s enormous room for growth across just about any sector, industry or category of business." Michael Gordon, founder and CEO of USAChina Invesments Group pointed out.

Meanwhile, China Securities Regulatory Commission has resumed IPO in Shanghai and Shenzhen market, the listing number is still small with slow process. For these Chinese SMEs who seek for funds and rapid growth, it can be good option for them to go dual listings in the US while they can be still waiting in China. USAChina Investments Group is releasing a special report on SMEs which is dedicated to explaining the China concept stock in the US market, problems and solutions of them as well as advantages of USCI SME IPO program. 

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November 18th, 2015

As the Yuan's devaluation is expected to continue and USD is strengthening, a large number of Chinese investors turn to invest overseas properties to fulfill their goal of wealth growth.  Some research also shows that real estate has become the main industry for Chinese to invest overseas. Insiders say that since China's real estate market has a high inventory, Chinese investors choose to purchase houses overseas in order to gain high profits and avoid risks. This trend will also benefit the globalization of RMB. 

In this article, Michael Gordon, CEO of USAChina Investments Group says,"American's economic market is more mature and well-regulated. When the real estate market is reaching a peak, it will face down-side risk. Investors should fully consider this." 

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November 18th, 2015

Unfamiliarity with market culture and financing difficulties continue to be the key concerns tohave hindered efforts of Chinese enterprises to invest in the United Statesexperts said.

"The biggest challenge that Chinese companies face is being able to understand the marketplace in the US and how their products and services can fit in," said Michael Gordonchairman and CEO of USAChina Investments Groupwhich helps Chinese smallandmedium-sized enterprises (SMEsdoing business in the US.

"That has even topped concerns over financingbecause it is a far more complex question in terms of branding and marketing of the products," he added.

At the same timethere is huge business potential in the cooperation between Chinese SMEs and their counterparts in the USsaid Gordona former adviser for the Zhou Enlai Peace Institute in Beijing.

There are currently about 28 million SMEs in the US compared with 45 to 48 million in Chinaleaving room for growth if these companies are able to connect to each other.

Meanwhilemore supporting policies are given to the private sector and help privately-ownedcompanies go globala testament that can be seen in the makeup of the business delegationthat accompanied President Xi Jinping to the US for an official visitduring which 10 out of 15 Chinese companies in the trip were privately owned businesses.

"Five years agomost overseas investment in America was coming from State-ownedenterprisestoday that is completely differentAbout 80 percent of the business investmentcoming from China is private companies," he said.

People's Daily Overseas Website
November 16th, 2015

In this story, besides Michael’s insights on President Xi’s visit, the journalist focused on the research USCI started to carry out in China to understand the living status of Chinese SMEs six years ago. Michael Gordon was quoted in the story concluding the three stages of development in America that included business planning, helping SMEs to obtain financing and executing the plan. Michael Gordon specially recommended 888 investment program for Chinese entrepreneurs, senior executives and business owners to ensure their success in America.

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