USAChina Investments Group (USCI) is a global investment management company that offers safe, high quality investment and business services for Chinese investors and business leaders to accelerate their success in America. 

Our products and services have been developed by a management team with decades of global business experience and are provided by trusted, world-class partners such as HSBC, EastWest Bank and Voya Financial.

Our products and services include:

  • The 888 Investment Program. Designed specially for Chinese investors and business leaders, the 888 Investment Program offers a safe, secure path to investment in America, estate tax protection and business expansion support.
  • The SME IPO Program is a new innovative way to achieve shareholder liquidity by repositioning assets and listing in the USA.
  • The Global Trade and Investment Center, providing tailored services and support to execute a business in America with confidence, or to trade and invest with like-minded American businesses.
  • Global Leadership and Investment Training programs to equip Chinese business leaders and investors with relevant skills and industry-specific knowledge to succeed in America, as well as providing strategic relationships and business networking opportunities with potential trade and investment partners.
  • The ELITE program, providing premium post-graduate business training and investment support for Chinese graduates and young professionals seeking to achieve personal and professional success in America. 


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