“We help Chinese business leaders and investors secure the very best offshore investments in America and accelerate their success”

— Michael Gordon, PhD, USCI Founder & CEO

Suitable for wealth management and foreign direct investment purposes, the 888 Investment Program has been specially designed to meet the needs of Chinese investors looking for safe, secure ways to grow their business interests in America.

The 888 Investment Program offers:

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  • 100 per cent principal protection during the term of the program secured by INGVoya


  • Minimum investment amount of USD $1 million
  • Guaranteed 4% annual return for three years before client conversion
  • Unlimited RMB contributions and offshore investments

Tax-free income

  • A tax-free offshore jurisdiction to ensure your business operations are set up for success
  • Investment profits remain offshore legally for reinvestment

Immigration options

  • American immigration option available within 3 to 18 months for your business and family

The 888 Investment Program offers these benefits through a USD $1 Trillion diversified investment portfolio that is operated with trusted service partners.

USAChina Investments Group provides full transparency on your investment with detailed quarterly reporting, and manages necessary government approvals and foreign exchange reports on investment activity on your behalf.

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